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Koleksiyonlardaki Eserler

A Selection From The Artist’s Works, Acquired by Collectors.

To examine the pieces in detail, please go to the galley section.


Abstract Works


Usually with the canvas on the floor I apply pigment directly to the surface. I work from all sides of the canvas as I listen to music and dance to it.

After some /meditative preparation I follow the path my soul takes.

I take photographs of the ”work in progress” to ascertain what needs to be emphasized and proceed from there.

I use ink, acrylics, collage and occasionally oil paint and miscellaneous materials.

All living beings, each vibration is a source of inspiration for me.

Unless it is for a destined project I do not mentally pre-edit my work.

My Collages


Deconstructing the past to rid them of their ”assumed significance”, to make them a part of the wonder of the present.



Surprising images caught with long exposures during intentional movements of the hand and arm. Full moon is a time for new beginnings...a time to dance with the moon...




"Yaşanmış hayatların birleşerek, yeni renklerde yeni hayatlarda buluşması."


Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah.

Akçe Sk. Akçe Han. 34425 Beyoğlu / Istanbul

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